We, Neonix Team have been created a GIS Tools project with name XDOTMap NeoEditor. This is the editor software, support software for editing mapfile of GNU Mapserver. It is web based software, using PHP Code with some Open Source library like DOMIT! classes for XML Parsing, and then JSON Service Class and etc. It has used some script like dtree, dragresize script object for supporting to our client side. This software is lightweight tool for mapfile editing and useful for GIS MapServer user. So after you download this program and installing it on your web hosting, you can use it directly, and have fun!.

This is a list of Specific details of XDOTMap NeoEditor:

  • GNU (GPL v2) Licensing Software (Open Source Software)
  • MapServer GIS Based
  • Web 2.0
  • Multi Project Based
  • Simple on Editing Mapfile of GNU Mapserver
  • DBMS and XML Oriented Software (Support for MySQL , in the Future will support for Ms SQLServer,Postgree SQL, Oracle, and etc.).
  • User Friendly
  • Simple Map Previewer

This software using 3rdparty PHP software that already installed on package such as:

  • DOMIT! XML Parser
  • JSON Service Classes
  • JavascriptPacker Classes
  • JSMin Classes
  • etc.

This software also using 3rdparty javascript software that already installed on package such as:

  • DTree Object
  • Color Picker Object
  • DragResize Object
  • etc.


XDOTMap NeoEditor software will need some requirements that must be installed on your server.

  • HTTP Server (Apache, IIS, etc)
  • PHP Engine
  • MySQL (version 5 above)
  • MapServer Package

Note. You can use Pre Configured Package of MS4W for completing Installation of HTTP Server, PHP Engine and MapServer package (for Windows User).


There are some screenshots of Viewing of XDOTMap NeoEditor.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7
Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10

Released Software

This is List of Released Software of XDOTMap NeoEditor. Click The Button Download on the right side of the version of software.

Latest Version

VersionFilenameFile TypeDownload
1.0.1NeoEditor-1.0.1.zipWinZip (.zip)
1.0.1NeoEditor-1.0.1.tar.gzTarball (tar.gz)

Example Source

VersionFilenameSource CompressedDownload
MapDefault.zipWinZip (.zip)
MapDefault.tar.gzTarball (tar.gz)


There are some important link that you can visit. hosted by Neonix Group. Neonix Open Source Technology Solution.